Blue Angels had good race at Millikin.

Blue Angels prepare to race in Decatur.

On what was the most difficult course of the season, the Angels of Blue showed their toughness. With all the freshmen running the 6K distance for the first time in their careers, the ladies were able to tie for 7th out of 13 colleges present for the race. The Blue Angels tied McKendree University for that 7th spot, which was claimed by the McKendree by the 6th runner tie breaker, but not a bad result for the only 2 year college that lined up for the race. Coming out of box 4, with a down hill start and then a almost 40 degree incline, the Blue Angels had a great first mile pack time. Cheyenne Finley passed the 1 mile mark in 3rd place and was able to finish 6th out of 71 runners with a time of 29 minutes and 36 seconds which places her 3rd on the Top Ten List, right ahead of former runner Sarah Faust, for 6K distance at KC. Elyse Faust also had a strong race, placing 29th and passing several at the finish line, her time was 28 minutes and 49.3 seconds. Mya Albers continues to improve with a solid race in a time of 30 minutes and 31.1 seconds, next in line was Gracee Kelly, followed by Jaylyn Raye Bower, placing 41st and 42nd. Breann Wernle was next across the finish line for the Blue Angels, followed by Brittnie Bartling and then Savannah Childers