Kaskaskia College Cheerleading and Theatre Programs Receive Donation

Kaskaskia College Cheerleading and Theatre Programs Receive Donation

The Kaskaskia College Cheerleading and Theatre Programs have received a donation through the Modern Woodmen of America. 

Every year each Modern Woodmen chapter selects a recipient for a Hometown Hero award. This year's recipients, Brad and Bri Jordan, were chosen for the Hometown Hero award through Modern Woodmen along with their Uncle David Hiltibidal whom was Brad's kidney donor.

Brad and Bri both born with a rare form of dwarfism that they both never allowed their size to hold them back from anything. Brad had to have a kidney transplant and worked both before and after receiving a donor kidney to bring awareness of this disease.  Both were cheerleaders in high school and college and refused to allow their disability to stop them from doing what others thought they couldn't. They were determined to find a way to succeed regardless of size. 

According to Jane Wayer of Modern Woodmen, "These two were and are an inspiration to many. David Hiltibidal, Brad's uncle and kidney donor was also recognized for his commitment in donating to his nephew and for all his years of service as a police officer in this community.  Each recipient then gets to decide an organization or person that Modern Woodmen donates a $100 in their honor.

According to their mother, Christy Jordan, "After much consideration, we chose the Kaskaskia College Theatre and Cheerleading Programs to be the recipients of this donation. Both Brad and Bri were scholarship recipients for Cheer and Brad for Theatre. It just seemed fitting to repay that gift. Brad's legacy of his can do attitude and relentless zest for life lives through everyone whose live he touched. He frequently reminded us "Each Day is a Gift".

The third recipient of donation was Ed Daniels Karate in Salem. Brad was a student of many years. Brad held a purple belt in Karate.

Pictured is Jane Wayer of Modern Woodmen, Christy Jordan, KC Theatre Professor David Quinn, Bri Jordan and Kim Rahar, KC Athletic Director.