Craig Freels
Craig Freels
City: Centralia
State: Illinois
Hometown: Centralia, Illinois
Team: Blue Devils Tennis

Craig Freels was an integral member of the 1971 Blue Devil Tennis team which still holds an unchallenged team record in Kaskaskia College’s history. Craig competed in both singles and doubles competition, winning the Consolation Championship at the NJCAA National Finals as a doubles team. Craig was undefeated in his freshman year; his matches included competition from Region 4, encompassing the state of Illinois and parts of Indiana, Nationals qualification and NJCAA Finals.

Craig and his teammate, Ken Abrams, were an outstanding doubles team, upsetting #1 Rock Valley to advance to the National Tournament.  Craig and Ken Abrams, both of Centralia and both coaches for the Kaskaskia College Tennis programs in their later careers, competed at the National Tournament held in Ocala, Florida.

Craig continued his college tennis career at Eastern Illinois University and later became the Head Coach at Centralia High School, where he coached for 28 years.  Craig returned to Kaskaskia College and served as the Head Coach of the Blue Devils Men's Tennis team from 2008 to 2012.